recycled plastic brick system

Marco Ma, Douglas Stern

Hemp Siding and Building Systems hemp and upcycled plastic binders creating

building products

Douglas Stern

Cap on carbon

Douglas Stern, Sichen Chen, Justin Nappier

Midas building products made from waste

Douglas Stern,

WashPlugs low cost microfiber water filtration

Douglas Stern,

Washing Machine  microfiber filtration 

Douglas Stern,

Hydrolar solar powered electrolosis

Douglas Stern,

Hydrogrill appliances and grills

Douglas Stern,

CoolHeatpad spot comfort reducing energy

Douglas Stern,

ScrubBug sustainable scrubbers and sponges

Douglas Stern,

Lovins cup folding collapsible drinking cup

Douglas Stern, Amory Lovins

MicroCarbon carbon sequestering on a small local scale,  small farmers, mangroves

Douglas Stern, Brad Baer