making impact ideas work

We need to change how we live so that all life, “Earthlings” can survive. 

Humans have created catastrophic global warming, threatening all life on our planet. 

We simultaneously pollute our air, water, and land, while burning fossil fuels, destroying ecosystems, and depleting resources. 

EarthlingLab is reimagining how we can live in harmony with the planet.  

Our aim is to revolutionize how we use Earth’s resources, decarbonize our air, restore our environment, and create a sustainable lifestyle

We recruit founders to intern within the Earthlinglab team to then become leaders in impact innovation.

Our diverse research labs and manufacturing facility empower us to develop ideas into real solutions.  We incubate impact concepts to transform them into ventures, create job opportunities, and initiate new local to global sustainable corporations. 


Empower impact ideas  

Value the Planet, all life, all resources

Act with compassion

Impact Innovation

At Earthlinglab, we invent new uses for sustainable resources to reduce our demand for otherwise depleting ones, increase product life cycles, and find new paradigms of sustainability and energy efficiency. We introduce ideas to create net-zero solutions, introduce ways of sequestering carbon, and change how we live.  We strive to create simple things that cost less and work better and have a dramatic effect from sourcing to production to end-use.

Impact Initiatives

We empower impact initiatives by identifying, visualizing, and justifying “the moon shot” ideas to direct at-scale solutions that can bring enormous positive change to our planet.  We aim to mobilize influencers in all professions and all generations. This is the all-hands-on-deck moment. 

We are building a coalition of designers, engineers, scientists, activists, artists, makers, farmers, environmentalists, politicians, marketers, and investors. We aim to collaborate with all people local to global including social groups, schools, industries, and nonprofits to seed them with fresh ideas and empower new leaders that can influence both the public and government to change policy to benefit the environment.


EarthlingLab is powered by Fulcrum, our 6,000 square foot research and development lab, including our complete multi-disciplined prototype/ manufacturing facility, with extensive computerized machining, a large rapid prototype machine (half-car size), hydraulic presses, laser cutting, and welding of all materials. These machines allow us to easily make 3D objects creating endless possibilities. Our years working with many materials and processes have culminated in creating a unique diversified shop. 

Our 2000 square foot clean space includes a large design studio with computer workstations powered with extensive 3d and 2d visualization software. For developing large collaborative ideas, we have conference tables, workbenches, and digital conferencing. 

To nurture and inspire our collaborators and founders,  we have a comfortable lounge area, a kitchen, a green lab with an outdoor grow space, and a rooftop oasis with areas to gather outside.  All of this complements our studio to reflect how we nurture living in harmony with the planet. 

In the heart of Providence, Rhode Island’s innovation district, we develop impact ideas to refine them into tangible “Anything” to be vetted, scrutinized, and refined.  We create one or many, working prototypes of both the product and the tooling required to make them. Our work centers around nurturing each project and founder. 

Join Us

Our incredible facility needs incredible people to share in the vision, passion, drive, and values we believe in. We can all make a big difference in our changing world.  We have no other choice. 

We need leaders now to be able to help shape the leaders of tomorrow. If you see yourself being a member of Earthlinglab, we want to hear from you.  

If you believe in change for global good and can help share some of your good fortunes, we need all the help we can get. 

Invest in us to help bring us all incredible wealth.  It's our future, help shape it. We need doers and supporters. 

Please contact us, tell us about your past experiences and how you can help.

Strategically located at the heart of Providence’s Innovation District, Earthlinglab gathers like-minded professionals with a range of skills.